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Kendra is an attorney and Senior Political Advisor, who has risen from a country girl in rural Arkansas to a corporate lawyer and now a trusted advisor to the Mayor of a capital city. Kendra has also founded a nonprofit, Club RESTORE, to give back to her hometown and other rural communities so the youth can be exposed to experiences and opportunities they might not have otherwise.

Kendra believes our greatest calling is to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Accordingly, through her work and charity, Kendra works with people from all walks of life to seek solutions, overcome obstacles, and ultimately improve their quality of life.


With that mission in mind, Kendra has become a sought after millennial mentor, seeking to ELEVATE young women by helping them achieve their personal goals by identifying the dos and don'ts of navigating personal and professional spaces. Kendra finds great joy in seeing people succeed, in whatever way that looks for them, so she occasionally finds time to speak, host events, and offer one-on-one meet ups to motivate young women to be the best version of themselves - mentally, physically, and professionally.

While this is how Kendra spends her "free time," her primary job is providing strategic advice and innovative solutions to solve the world's problems in a socially-conscious and equity driven-manner. Marrying the two - women empowerment and solution seeking - is what excites Kendra most about her work.

This quintessential millennial, who happens to be the "cool aunt"/attorney/strategist/and politico, has received various awards, including “20 to Watch,” “Finest Young Professional,” “40 under 40,” and Arkansas' 250 Most Influential People. This notoriety and her desire to make a difference keeps Kendra busy, and she looks forward to an opportunity to ELEVATE with you! 

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