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Happy Birthday!


#KPsBdayBBQ – 90s Edition

Birthdays bring about mixed emotions. Excitement. Dread. Disappointment. Happiness. Anxiety. Satisfaction. Nevertheless, another year has come and gone.

Have I accomplished all that I should have accomplished? What comes next? Am on the right path?

We can overwhelm ourselves with the questions and concerns about another birthday OR we can simply celebrate the blessings associated with another year of life. I don’t know about you, but I choose the latter.

On my birthday (August 11), I received hundreds of “Happy Birthday” wishes. At first blush, a meager “happy birthday” might not mean much. However, that intentional expression of goodwill used to inject my day with a dose of joy is a thoughtful statement of kindness, concern, and love. It doesn’t cost anything, but it’s valuable. Accordingly, I’m extremely grateful for every single message, post, and call I receive from strangers, associates, friends, and family to encourage and uplift me on my birthday. I’m humbly aware that no one owes me anything; not even a three-second “HBD” post on Facebook. Yet, so many people go beyond what they have to do to send that message, write that card, buy that gift, make that call, and/or spend that time.

So on this birthday, I’m overcome with gratitude.

I’m grateful for God’s grace that I would undoubtedly use up if there was any limit on His supply.

I’m grateful for God’s love that I can’t fully grasp or understand.

I’m grateful for another year of wisdom and growth that further propels me into my purpose.

I’m grateful for peace and joy despite my circumstances.

I’m grateful for my AMAZING family and friends who drown me in love everyday (but especially on my birthday) so that I’m reminded of their love for me with every breath I take.

I’m grateful for every opportunity to make a difference or be a difference to improve our world in hopes of it becoming a better place than it is now.

I’m grateful for every blessing – big or small – that I’ve been afforded.

I never imagined being where I am at this point in life, but I’m just so grateful, y’all.

With age comes maturity (or at least that’s how it should be), and I’d like to think I’m constantly maturing. Once upon a time (maybe when I was 7 or maybe when I was 27; I’ll never admit it! LOL!), birthdays were ALL about ME, ME, ME. Now, they’re no longer about a table full of gifts, balloons, and attention (all of which are fine in moderation). Instead, I’ve come to appreciate the people more than the presents. I appreciate the time spent with me more than the money spent on me.

So again, thank you to each and every one who has spent their time with me or  has taken the time to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you to the genuine, authentic people I’m blessed to know and love and who know and love me (despite my shenanigans). Because of you all, my heart is overflowing with gratitude during this birthday season and always.

Please join me in appreciating every moment, person, and thing that we far too often take for granted. Life is short, and we are gettin’ old, y’all! 😉 So recognize and appreciate those blessings you are surrounded with everyday. Comment and let me know some of things you’re grateful for!




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