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New Year. Who Dis?

Wow. It’s 2017, y’all.

For many, 2016 was ROUGH, to say the least. Death, loss, heartache, division, drama, problems, crisis, distress, and disappointment permeated our lives. Some of us reached our lowest points physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even financially due to the circumstances we faced in 2016.

But it’s a new year.

A young man recently slid in my DMs (for my more seasoned or un-hip readers, someone sent me a private message online), saying how intrigued he was by me. According to this kind sir, I exude so much joy, positivity, and fun on social media that he really wanted to get to know me. Maybe he was a smooth operator and very charismatic, but I was flattered by his observation nonetheless. While my social media persona is very authentic, it doesn’t always tell the whole story. (More on that in another post.)

Although my life is truly full of family, fun, laughs, and love, if I’m being completely honest, 2016 has been somewhat disappointing for me too. I made some poor decisions that caused much more stress, frustration, and delay than was necessary. At some points, I became stagnant. I lost some passion and fervor for my purpose. I lost focus. I endured yet another disappointing dating relationship. I didn’t accomplish everything I had hoped to accomplish. I didn’t make as much difference as I would’ve liked. I’ve watched people I love struggle, hurt, and grieve. Some days, I was struggling, hurting, and grieving. So in a lot of ways, 2016 seems like another year wasted. If I’m being my (sometimes) pessimistic or even realistic self, 2016 was just another year of mediocrity instead of excellence.

But, it’s a new year.

Despite the negativity 2016 brought, I’ve undoubtedly experienced some positives, as well. I’m convinced that there is good in every day. I’m even more convinced that everything I go through – the good, bad, and ugly – works together for my good. (Check out Romans 8:28.) I’ve strengthened some relationships. I’ve progressed in my practice. I’ve learned some valuable lessons. I’ve traveled to new places. I’ve laughed until my stomach hurts. I’ve loved more intensely. I’ve seen people I love become engaged/married, advance, and grow in various areas of their lives. I’ve taken too much upon my plate and gotten it done anyway. I’ve created some fantastic memories. I’ve done some good. And most importantly, I’m still here to grow from and increase upon what I’ve started.

I’ve experienced some bad, but I’ve definitely been blessed with some good. Throughout the ups and downs of life, especially of 2016, I’ve learned that perception is key. When you focus on the positives, more positives manifest. When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

So, friends, what are you focusing on?

In 2016, maybe your bad outweighed the good. Maybe you were thrilled to enter into a new year because you are convinced 2016 was cursed, and it can only get better. Or maybe your 2016 was great, and you hope to build on that in 2017. Whatever you situation, let’s focus on the positives – no matter how few or numerous they are.

“The past is written. There’s no changing it. What’s done is done. But the future is ours to choose.” – Grey’s Anatomy

Regardless of your 2016 or any other year, I encourage you to embrace the newness of this new year. Let’s create fond memories, good times, and positive experiences. You are tough. You are resilient. You are an overcomer. Join me in loving, laughing, and living better than we have before. Together, we can make 2017 the best year yet!

If you’re a “new year, new me” person, more power to you! If you’re a “same me, just getting better” person, go ‘head witcho bad self! 🙂 I’m aware that it is a new year, but just another day. Either way, let’s take this opportunity to permanently relinquish any negative people, experiences, decisions, memories, emotions, and actions from our pasts. Good begets good. So join me in focusing on the positives to ensure more good for all in 2017. When anything negative rears its ugly head and tries to reintroduce itself, I hope you’ll respond by saying:






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